Learning Cooperation

NTC Learning System

Following the interests of children, adults and the community, the Montessori Elementary School is implementing the "NTC Learning System". Nikola Tesla Center is a new program and learning system that indicates the need to increase the share of neurophysiological knowledge in formal education of children. cells and genetic potential, but also from the number of synapses between neurons, so that with sufficiently designed and demanding intellectual work we can unequivocally influence the development of each child's intelligence.

Cooperation with Parents

The family is the primary educator of the child and the experiences from the family are invaluable for the realization of the child's well-being. Parents and employees have the same tasks - to listen to "a hundred children's languages", to be ready to provide support, but also to learn to quietly observe when a child finds everything he needs. Following the idea of the importance of true involvement of children in the educational process, we consider parents to be true partners, invited and welcome to negotiate, change and develop our culture.
We build our partnership with the family on the principles of equality, authenticity, democracy and competence.

Our Vision and Mission

Montessori pedagogy focuses on the education of the child as a whole, including physical, spiritual, social, mental and emotional education. Our mission is to inspire children to develop holistically. We want to support each child in acquiring human values, following his personal pace of development and at the same time teach him to work and act together.

The quality of the child-adult relationship and holistic education are the most important elements of our program. Our belief is that the school should be a stimulating environment for learning and living in accordance with the needs of students and the time in which we live. It should be a place where differences are respected and independence and responsibility are developed, so that students get to know each other. the future to come, and teachers are their creative support in this process.

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