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Recommended measures for covid-19 prevention in schools and institutions of student and student standards

See the measures of the Government of the Republic of Serbia for the prevention of COVID-19 in schools.

Collaboration in learning


Cooperation with parents

The family is the primary educator of the child and the experiences of the family are invaluable for the realization of the child's good neighbour. Parents and employees have the same tasks - to listen to "a hundred children's languages", to be ready to provide support, but also to learn to watch quietly when the child finds everything they need. Following the idea of the importance of genuine involvement of children in the educational process, we believe that parents are the right partners, invited and welcome to negotiate, change and develop our culture.
We build our partnership with the family on the principles of equality, authenticity, democracy and competence.

Our vision and mission

Montessori pedagogy focuses on the education of the child as a whole, including physical, spiritual, social, mental and emotional education. Our mission is to inspire children to develop holistic. We want to support every child in acquiring human values, following his personal pace of development and at the same time teaching him to work and act together.

The quality of the relationship between children and adults and holistic education are the most important elements of our program. Our belief is that school should be a stimulating environment for learning and living according to the needs of students and the time in which we live. It should be a place where differences are respected and independence and responsibility developed, so that students can get to know each other. the future to come, and teachers are their creative support in this process.

Our Location