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Preschool Program

The preparatory preschool program is based on montessori approach to education, and some of the goals of our unique Montessori preschool program are to encourage the complete development of the child, expand experiences and enrich knowledge of yourself, others and the world around you, which is the basis for further education in montessori education system. The preparatory preschool program is implemented in accordance with the General Basics of Preschool Education and the unique Montessori approach contributes to the physical, social, emotional and intellectual readiness and motivation of the child to go to school.

Starting from the realization that learning and development are integrated and inseparable, we strive to encourage the independence of the child, playful developmental functions and socio-emotional competences.

What sets us apart are bilingualism, project and thematic classes, classrooms without walls, drama, art, culinary and creative sections. Our program is based on bilingualism and daily use of English and Serbian. By linking teaching content into one whole, by choosing topics and projects, children develop holistic, while Montessori educators, teachers and teachers closely monitor the development of children's interests. Our classrooms are wallless, which means we use all the resources our community offers, and the city's shores, museums, parks, playgrounds, squares and sights become our places of knowledge.

Through drama workshops we discover a love of art, with gradual release from fear, development of communication and creativity. We know that every child is a creator during our art sections. We use various painterly techniques to create reproductions of famous works of art, while developing creative potential and imagination skills. Previous practice has shown that children may be the favorite culinary section, during which they learn food preparation, according to the principles of Montessori pedagogy.